Tadej Novak

Physicist, Developer, Science Hack Day Ambassador, Creator of Particle Clicker and Tano Player

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Why Science Hack Day isn't a classic hackathon?

This summer I was honored to become one of the three 2015 Science Hack Day Global Ambassadors. I travelled to San Francisco, USA at the end of October to attend the event and bring the idea back home. Now in the middle of my "ambassador duties" I want to answer the question "Why Science Hack Day isn't an ordinary hackathon?" (by doing a late report on SHD SF).

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About me

Physicist and hobby developer


After successfull graduation from Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, I am now doing my Master's in particle physics.

In summer 2014 I worked at CERN as a Summer Student on the ATLAS experiment. There I created a simple educational game called Particle Clicker, together with Igor, Kevin, and Gábor.

Science Hack Day

I am honored to be one of the global Science Hack Day ambassadors, helping spread the concept in Slovenia and around the world. It is coming in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2016. More details soon!

Software and web development

I have been involved open-source development since 2008. My main projects are Tano Player and VLC-Qt library. I have also contributed to other open-source projects such as XBMC, tvheadend, OpenTTD and more. From time to time I also do some web development.

Currently I work part-time at Fora d.o.o. where I develop web based IPTV solutions.

Notable achievements

I have attended 8. International Linguistics Olympiad in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010. Individually I received Honorable mention and as a member of Team Slovenia 1 we achieved 7. place. I have also attended 9. IOL in Pittsburgh, PA in the USA in 2011.

Academic resources

Various resources available from my studies at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana.


A list of my scientific papers.


I am tutor at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana. All resources are only available in Slovenian.

Računalniška orodja v fiziki

Tudi v letnem semestru študijskega leta 2015/16 sem tutor pri predmetu Računalniška orodja v fiziki. Dobivamo se ob torkih izmenično med 8. in 10. uro v 3.11 ter 15. in 17. uro v 3.12.

Gradiva in primeri iz tutorstva:



Spletna stran predmeta

Fizika 1 & 2

V študijskem letu 2015/16 sem tutor pri Klasični fiziki (bivša Fizika 1 in 2). Dobivamo se ob sredah ob 8:30 v predavalnici F7 vsake 14 dni, izmenično s tutorstvom iz matematike.

Na voljo je arhiv rešitev nalog iz preteklih let.

O morebitnih napakah me prosim obvestite!

Fizika 1

27. 10. 2014 Domača naloga - Rešitev - Animacija 1 - Animacija 2

10. 11. 2014 Domača naloga - Rešitev

24. 11. 2014 Domača naloga - Rešitev

8. 12. 2014 Domača naloga - Rešitev

22. 12. 2014 Domača naloga - Rešitev

12. 1. 2015 Domača naloga - Rešitev

21. 1. 2014 Domača naloga - Rešitev

Fizika 1

23. 10. 2013 Domača naloga - Rešitev

13. 11. 2013 Domača naloga - Rešitev

Zaradi majhnega števila študentov kasnejše naloge niso bile objavljene.

Fizika 1

24. 10. 2012 Domača naloga - Rešitev

7. 11. 2012 Domača naloga in rešitev

21. 11. 2012 Domača naloga - Rešitev (avtor: Tilen Potisk)

9. 1. 2013 Domača naloga 4 - Domača naloga 5 in rešitev obeh

16. 1. 2013 Domača naloga - Rešitev

Fizika 2

10. 4. 2013 Domača naloga - Rešitev

8. 5. 2013 Domača naloga - Literatura - glej točko 5.3

22. 5. 2013 Domača naloga - Rešitev - Predstavitev v Mathematici

5. 6. 2013 Domača naloga - Rešitev


My work and free-time projects


Particle Clicker

Particle Clicker is an addictive incremental game that teaches players the history of high energy particle physics. The game was made during the CERN Webfest 2014. The idea is borrowed from Cookie Clicker, an amazing cookie-themed game.

Play now! Read more


VLC-Qt Library

VLC-Qt is a free open-source library used to connect Qt and libvlc libraries. It contains core classes for main media playback and also some GUI classes for faster media player developement.

Visit project page

Tano Player

Tano is an open-source cross-platform IP TV player. It features full IP TV playback with EPG and recorder. Project started because of a need of a simple IP TV player on Linux providing EPG.

Used by commercial users such as Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå and GoTV.

Visit project page



A simple web page for scientific journal Matrika. Developed for Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana.

Visit webpage


Student web pages at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana. I am currently main developer and administrator.

Visit webpage



MeePlus is an unofficial Google+ client for Nokia N9. You can browse people, activities and other content on Google+. Due to current Google API restrictions only public content is available.

Source code is available here. Feel free to take over.